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302 Reviews

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New Construction Edition

We created Series 7000 windows specifically for niche installations. These nail-flange window editions are ideal for new construction, and they can also replace inefficient builder-grade windows or serve as replacements in modular homes. Available in the following styles:

Windows Replacement Diamond

Our Diamond Edition replacement windows are thermally advanced because of the way they’re built. Our unique multi-hollow profiles enhance the performance against water, sound, and air drafts. They provide energy efficiency and comfort without foam filling or exotic insulated glass.…

Energy Efficient Glass

Maintaining a comfortable indoor environment is a challenge when temperatures fluctuate, sometimes dramatically, throughout the day, between seasons and across climate zones. According to U.S. Government estimates, an average household spends more then 40% of its annual energy budget on…

Silver Edition Windows

Our Silver edition windows create contemporary style. They feature a beveled exterior appearance with a European influence, and they also provide a low-profile self-locking security feature. The silver edition is a single-hung window available as a replacement as well as…


3rd Generation Warm-Edge Technology Using No Metal Duralite energy efficient windows offer a new level of thermal performance to windows by reducing conductivity up to 45%. This radical improvement in thermal properties is achieved by eliminating metal in the window…

Windows Gallery

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This gallery showcases replacement window types to fit your home.Select a category to filter pictures and see the difference Taylors Windows® can make for you.

Windows Replacement Platinum

We developed our Series 8000 windows for today’s savvy, demanding, value-conscious homeowner, and we build each window in the series with quality, features, performance, and affordability in mind. Taylors Windows® is demanding in our pursuit of excellence for this line…

Replacement Window Design Center

Colors and Finishes Taylors Windows® can match almost any décor inside and outside thanks to our beautiful color options. Choose from solid colors, two-tone colors, and wood-grain interiors to complement any room in your home. Grid Patterns Whether you’re matching…

Gold Edition Windows

The Gold Edition has been a reliable window series for Taylors Windows® over the years. In balancing price and features, this edition offers today’s homeowner a well-built window without the high-end costs. The features of the Gold Edition satisfy the…

Window Installation

Window Installation Service from Taylors Windows® When it comes to home improvement, installation matters. Having the best products won’t matter if they aren’t installed correctly in your home. That’s why Taylors Windows® emphasizes professional window installation with Taylors Windows Certified…