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Casement Windows

Casement Windows


Premier Casement Windows come in multiple custom sizes built in our Greenville SC Plant. We offer Taylors Certified installation and our factory direct warranty.


Casement windows from Taylors Windows offer numerous advantages for homeowners, including improved aesthetics, enhanced energy efficiency, and better airflow. As a premier manufacturer and offering Taylors Certified installation, Taylors Windows provides high-quality casement windows that elevate the look of your home while providing practical benefits.

Casement windows offer numerous advantages for homeowners seeking replacement windows, including their unique construction that allows for excellent natural ventilation and energy efficiency. Casement Windows open at a 90-degree angle using a lever or crank mechanism, providing precise control over airflow into your home while creating an effective seal against outside elements when closed.

Casement windows are renowned for their energy-efficiency, meeting or exceeding
Energy Star requirements and providing an airtight barrier between the home's interior and exterior environments. When properly installed and sealed, these windows can help reduce drafts by forming an air-tight barrier between your home's interior and exterior environments, lowering your heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

Taylors Windows Casement windows boast a multi-point lock system for increased security. With our new locking mechanisms security has never looked so sleek. Gone are the days of using the latch on the side of your window to lock. Now the locking and opening mechanisms are integrated into one operator.

We manufacture our Casement Windows and offer Taylors Windows Certified installation from our locations in Greenville SC and Columbia SC. Taylors Windows provides our customers with a quality experience and accessible, competitive upfront prices. So why wait? Contact Taylors Windows today and upgrade to our top-quality vinyl replacement windows for improved comfort, style, and efficiency in your home.

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Taylors Windows custom built family brands protected by our factory direct warranty.

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Answers to common questions about Taylors Windows® Installation

Yes, we have Taylors Certified and trained install crews.
This can vary on several factors from weather to the time of the year, however generally we are 6 to 8 weeks from date of contract. This includes the time it takes for us to manufacture your windows.
You should be greeted between 8-10 AM by the lead installer at which point he can walk you through the specific needs for your home, reviewing the instructions provided from your initial consultation.
We ask that you provide at least 3 feet of working space around each window both inside and outside. Often this will require blinds to be removed and furniture adjusted to provide the necessary space to work.
Generally an install can take anywhere from 1-3 business days depending on the complexity of the job and quantity of windows.
It is preferred that you do a walk around with the lead installer when the job is completed. After doing your walkthrough you are welcome to pay the installer with cash or check or you may call in and pay via credit card if you are not paying through financing.
Yes, although most installs are done from the exterior of the home it is still necessary to seal the window and adjust for the best fit.
Yes, if you are available the lead installer will show you how to use and care for your windows.
Taylors Windows has been manufacturing and installing windows for over 30 years. In that time, we have developed our process to protect your home. Our number one thought is “how can we ensure your home is sealed appropriately and left better than we found it.” With this thought in mind we never shortcut the install process and ensure our team of Taylors Certified Installers take care of your home as if it were their own.
Yes, the company and all of our installers are licensed and certified in lead containment practices.
If we are able to install the windows without disturbing the asbestos siding, then yes we will take on your install. If the job requires the asbestos to be cut back or disturbed in any way then we will not be able to do the job until it is removed.
Although we prefer the homeowner to be home, it is not necessary for them to remain home during the entire install. We would encourage homeowners to at least meet the crew and discuss any questions you may have before they begin their work.