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Energy Efficient Glass

Maintaining a comfortable indoor environment is a challenge when temperatures fluctuate, sometimes dramatically, throughout the day, between seasons and across climate zones. According to U.S. Government estimates, an average household spends more then 40% of its annual energy budget on heating and cooling.

Keeping you warm when it’s cold outside.

Using our glass can result in significantly lower heating energy costs and an improvement in insulating value of as much as 50% over standard clear glass. In cold regions, this means that windows are no longer an energy loser.

Keeping you cool when it’s hot outside.

With our glass, solar heat gain and damaging radiation can be significantly reduced without sacrificing clear views and daylight. Our glass blocks up to 50% more unwanted solar energy than standard clear glass and up to 40% more than dark tinted glass, resulting in lower air conditioning expenses and a more comfortable living environment. Our glass also blocks nearly twice as much harmful radiation as clear glass, extending the life of woodwork, carpets and furnishings, while still allowing plenty of natural sunlight to brighten up interior spaces.

Our glass highlights

Windows that are rated and certified by the NFRC can comply with Energy Star requirements for all climates in the country.

Regulates the environment, including keeping relative humidity at a comfortable and healthy level.

Significantly decreases fading transmission.

Meets industry standard for color neutrality.

Has best-in-class mechanical and chemical durability, plus increased scratch resistance.

Is the first double silver low-E product with comprehensive non-edge deletion commitment.

Provides fabricator support for low-volume, heat-treated low-E with short lead time.

Has two heat treatable partner products for custom tempered requirements:

  • HT – comparable appearance, solar and thermal performance.
  • DHT – comparable appearance, where solar and thermal performance attributes are less critical.

About Taylors Windows®

Taylors Windows® replacement windows has been building vinyl replacement windows in our Greenville SC plant since 1992. We build replacement windows, install them and best of all we warranty your replacement windows without any middle men. Taylors Windows has been family owned for over 30 years and we have built over 750,000 custom vinyl replacement windows.

Taylors Windows® has multiple locations to serve you Greenville SC, Columbia, SC.

Book a FREE In-Home Quote today with one of our Window Replacement Designers who will show you our products and measure your windows for you.

Taylors Windows® Replacement windows hand made in the Carolinas since 1992.

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