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Window Repair and Replacement

Taylors Windows® is proud to help customers in need of repairs on their home’s windows and doors in the Greenville, South Carolina area.

Whether your windows need repairs or replacements, we can help you make the right decision about your next step. We also offer a full range of vinyl replacement windows and in-shop repair services for customers who bring their windows to us.

Should You Repair or Replace?

Different window problems require different solutions. This guide will help you know whether it’s wiser to replace a window or look for a repair for the most common problems. You are welcome to contact us if you need more expertise about your particular window repair problem. We ask customers to bring windows to our factory for repair service.

Broken Glass

Broken glass can usually be repaired on vinyl windows.


Foggy Glass and/or Drafts

Often, this is an indicator of leaky seal. While vinyl windows can often be repaired, wood and aluminum windows usually cannot be.

Fallen Grids

Interior grids that fall will require a replacement. External grids can only be fixed if the original manufacturer still produces replacements.


Faulty Hardware

Hardware is specific to the manufacturer of the window, so you will need to check with the manufacturer to see if replacement hardware is available. Taylors Windows® can replace hardware for windows we manufacture.


Windows that Don’t Work or that Fall Down

You will probably need a replacement window.

Screen Repair

Screens can generally be repaired or replaced.

Drafty Windows

Drafts are generally caused by old weather-stripping. If this is the problem, weather stripping can be replaced, as long as the right size is available. If drafts are caused by inferior manufacturing, the windows will need to be replaced.

Painting or Maintenance for Appearance

This is generally a problem with older wooden windows. Painting is usually a temporary solution in this case. Most vinyl windows, including the ones we manufacture, will not need painting or general maintenance.

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In Shop Service

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Window Repair Services
We offer a wide array of in-shop repair services for customers who bring their windows to our Greenville factory.
Broken Glass Repairs
Nobody likes broken glass. Whether it’s a broken window or broken glass in a door, we are happy to help you find a quick and painless solution. Your home will gain more safety, energy-efficiency and beauty with each new pane of glass.
Foggy Insulated Glass Repairs
The older an insulated glass window gets, the more likely it is that the seals will begin to fail and the window will fog up. If you have vinyl windows, we can help you with a repair, making foggy glass a thing of the past. We offer replacements for wood and metal windows.
Fallen Window Grids
Window grids and grilles are highly attractive—until they fall down. Our team can help you take the right next step to avoid unsightly fallen grids.
Tempered Glass Replacement
Whether your tempered glass (sometimes called safety glass) has shattered or simply needs to be replaced, we can help you solve the problem.
Hardware Repair & Replacement

We can offer replacement hardware for windows we manufacture, to get your locks, latches, hinges and operators working again.

Repair for Non-Functioning Windows
Few things are more frustrating than a window that won’t open or work properly. Our team can help you discern the cause so you can pick the repair or replacement that’s right for your home.
Window Screen Repair
Screen tears on doors and windows are not only ugly—they also let in what you’re trying to keep outside. We repair and replace screens—just set up a time to bring the screen to us and we’ll get you back to normal, fast.

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