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3rd generation warm-edge technology using NO METAL


  • Metal holds heat causing glass to expand and contract
  • No metal touching glass gives you the true lowest U-Value

Duralite energy efficient windows offer a new level of thermal performance to windows by reducing conductivity up to 45%. This radical improvement in thermal properties is achieved by eliminating metal in the window spacer and replacing over 60% of the window spacer profile with air. This patented window design featuring a unique composite laminating technology without the use of metal results in superior thermal and durability performance for your windows.


Test results performed by a third party have proven that Duralite energy efficient windows offer the lowest U-value rating and best condensation resistance when compared to other window spacers.

Duralite is thermally the best energy-efficient insulating window glass system available on the market.

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How We Create Energy Efficiency

  • We use a Duralite Spacer System with a glass spacer bar that, unlike commonly used metal spacers, allows only minimal energy transfer between pains of glass.
  • Our Ultimate 12 double-pane glass technology is engineered to reflect heat and cold.
  • Our glass is Energy Star rated.