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A Tale of Two Journeys: Customers and Windows with Taylors Windows


It was the best of times it was the worst of times…. Ok, we’re not recounting the Tale of Two Cities. Instead, come with us on a journey as we unfold the parallel adventures of customers and windows in the realm of the Taylors Windows experience. This isn’t just a journey; it’s a tale of precision, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service that defines the very essence of who we are as a company.

The Customer Journey at Taylors Windows

Initial Contact: Where Excellence Begins

Let’s start with the customer journey on their road to replacement windows. This journey commences when customers discover Taylors Windows through various channels, with a majority of clients coming in by positive word-of-mouth. This is a testament to our commitment to excellence as our customers continue to share with their family, friends and neighbors the great products and service they receive from Taylors Windows. Once they make that connection via an online quote form, call or other connection point, they begin their journey towards a great product. 

Pre-screening and Qualification: Tailored Solutions

Jenn, the maestro of pre-screening, ensures a perfect fit for customers. Through meticulous qualification, Jenn will detail projects to ensure they align seamlessly with the structure, reducing complications for an effortless customer journey.

Appointment Setup and Sales Demo: Illuminating Possibilities

Appointments are then set with skilled salesmen to immerse customers in a hands-on, illuminating experience. Recent customer satisfaction surveys reveal an overwhelming 4.7 out of 5 stars of respondents praising the informative and engaging sales demos. You get to see the product in action as each demo features a physical window so you can see all the features of the product. You will get to see our product in action as every salesman brings with them a physical window to show.

Quote and Decision: Empowering Choices

Detailed quotes post-demos empower customers to make informed decisions as they know exactly how much their window project will cost. This transparent approach goes a long way in the high customer service we’re proud to offer.

Contract and Office Processing: Expert Navigation

Navigating contracts and office processes involves expert oversight, ensuring a seamless transition to the manufacturing stage. This is handled by our office staff to ensure the customer is ready for the windows to be built.

Production Preparation: Anticipating Excellence

The office anticipates potential challenges and prepares for production, ensuring success in having all necessary materials ready. This proactive approach results in a streamlined operation to prevent project delays.

Customer Notification and Installation: The Grand Finale

Once windows are ready, Debbie from our office staff will initiate customer notifications. This involves informing the customer that their project is ready to be installed as well as setting up an install date. 

Window Installation: A Masterpiece Unveiled

Installation, the crescendo of the customer journey, showcases the installer’s precision and commitment. The install crew will arrive and complete the installation process for the customer. 

Job Completion and Debris Removal: Stress-Free Harmony

The final notes of the customer journey involve the installer’s cleanup and debris removal.  This provides a stress-free job completion for the customer. 

The process seems to be a well-oiled machine as we care for our customers from purchase to install. But what about the journey of the window? How do we get from a proposal of the project to the manufacturing of windows. We’re glad you asked. 

The Window Manufacturing Journey

Raw Material to Frame: Crafting Excellence

The meticulous manufacturing process begins with raw materials transformed into frames. Cutting-edge technology ensures a high accuracy rate in frame creation as each frame is measured and cut to the exact dimensions of the customer’s home. 

Sash Manufacturing: Quality at Every Turn

Sashes, the operable heart of the window, undergo a journey of precision. Each step, from cutting to welding is meticulously inspected to look for damages or imperfections.

Glass Preparation: Crystal-Clear Brilliance

Next, it’s time for the glass. Glass cutting and insulated glass unit creation achieve crystal-clear brilliance. The process optimization and sealing contribute to the brilliant look and feel of each window. Again, attention to detail is crucial in each person being on the lookout for imperfections or cracks.

Glazing and Final Quality Assurance: A Symphony of Checks

The glazing process intertwines glass with frames. A final quality assurance check, with meticulous attention to detail ensures the windows are now ready to be packaged, transported and installed. Windows, now complete, are stored with care until the day they are installed at the home of the customer. 


In the tale of two journeys at Taylors Windows, precision, attention to detail, and stellar customer service create a narrative of excellence. The satisfaction rates and data-backed achievements narrate a story of perfection and customer delight.

Are you ready to be part of the thousands of satisfied customers at Taylors Windows? Contact us today and embark on a transformative journey to enhance your home with windows that are carefully crafted right here in South Carolina. 

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