Benefits of New Windows

How replacement windows make your home more comfortable and relaxing

The decision to replace the windows on your home is a valuable one, because new windows benefit your home in many ways. Among the benefits you can expect from new Taylors Windows® are:

  • Energy Efficiency: Replacement windows can create significant energy savings at your home. Here’s how.
  • Easy Cleaning: Installing double-hung replacement windows in your home makes cleaning a breeze. Double-hung windows are designed to be easy to clean, inside and out.
  • Low Maintenance: Replacement windows from Taylors Windows® are manufactured to be low maintenance. They never require painting or glazing.
  • Soundproofing: The same window construction that brings energy efficiency also cuts down on ambient noise outside your home.
  • Security: Wooden windows are easy to break into, but replacement windows from Taylors Windows® have locks that are screwed solidly into a composite inside the vinyl. This helps the locks withstand any attack from the outside.
  • No More Fog: You don’t have to worry about your Taylors Windows® fogging up. Our Duralite spacers last a lifetime, versus metal spacers that lose their seal after five years or so. We’re so confident our windows won’t fog that we offer you a lifetime warranty.
  • No More Fading: Because replacement windows from Taylors Windows® block 85 percent of UV rays, they help to prevent the fading of carpet, furniture and hardwood floors that are exposed to sunlight. This protects the value of your possessions and your home.

Ready for replacement windows that bring you these benefits? Contact Taylors Windows® for a free in-home consultation today.

01 window benefits
Double-hung windows are easy to clean on both sides of the glass

02 window benefit

Taylors Windows® are built and installed to be low maintenance

03 window benefit
Taylors Windows® use state-of-the-art insulation that provides soundproofing benefits

04 window benefit
Taylors Windows® have anchored locks for increased security

05 window benefit
Taylors Windows® protect furniture and floors from fading with UV-coated glass

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