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What Makes a Window Energy Efficient?

How replacement windows save money and energy

Your home’s windows can drag down energy efficiency or be the cause of incredible energy savings. Here are some of the traits to look for to make sure your windows save as much as possible on energy costs.


Look for windows with low emissivity (low E) glass. This kind of glass stops UV rays and radiant heat from entering your home.

Taylors Windows® has created a proprietary window glass with some of the lowest emissivity on the market.

Sashes and Frames

Sashes and frames can bring energy efficiency depending on what materials are used and how they’re made.

Taylors Windows® have vinyl sashes and frames, not metal or wood, for lower conductivity. These sashes and frames are built with a multi-chamber design that creates dead air pockets inside the sash and/or frame itself, providing extra insulation and energy savings.


The spacer separates the two panes of glass in a window. Many windows use metal spacers that conduct heat and hinder energy efficiency.

Taylors Windows® uses Duralite spacers that are non-conductive. These spacers dramatically reduce conductivity, saving you money on energy costs.

Gas between Panes

In addition, newer windows include gas between the panes to add energy efficiency. At Taylors Windows®, we use non-conductive Argon between panes of glass.

Taylors Windows® manufactures replacement windows that lead the market in energy efficiency. Because we are the manufacturers, we can ensure our products remain leaders in energy efficiency.

Find out how much of a difference Taylors Windows® can make for your home’s energy efficiency with a free in-home consultation. Contact us to schedule your consultation now.

energy efficient 01
Low Emissivity (Low E) glass in Taylors Windows® cuts down on UV rays and radiant heat
energy efficient 02
Taylors Windows® have vinyl sashes and frames that are long-lasting and energy efficient
energy efficient 03
Taylors Windows® have sashes and frames built with multi-chamber design that adds to energy savings
energy efficient 04
Taylors Windows® have Duralite spacers that save energy by cutting conductivity
energy efficient 05
Taylors Windows® use inert Argon gas between frames for added insulation

About Taylors Windows®

Taylors Windows® replacement windows has been building vinyl replacement windows in our Greenville SC plant since 1992. We build replacement windows, install them and best of all we warranty your replacement windows without any middle men. Taylors Windows has been family owned for over 30 years and we have built over 750,000 custom vinyl replacement windows.

Taylors Windows® has multiple locations to serve you Greenville SC, Columbia, SC.

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