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The Ultimate Guide to Window Measuring: Tips, Tricks, and FAQs

Window Measuring

Window treatments can make a significant difference when sprucing up your home decor. The right set of blinds or curtains not only complements your interior design and helps control light and privacy. But before enjoying the benefits, you must navigate the critical task of window measuring. 

Incorrect measurements can lead to ill-fitting window treatments that do not serve their purpose effectively. So, let’s look at the most common FAQs and delve into the art of accurate window measurement.

1. How do I correctly measure my windows for blinds or curtains?

At Taylors Windows, our Certified Installers advise that the first step in upgrading your window with new blinds or curtains is to ensure accurate measurements. The process is simple, but precision is key.

To measure the width, take three measurements at different points – the window’s top, middle, and bottom. Even a seemingly perfect window can have slight variations, and using the smallest of the three measurements will guarantee the best fit.

For the length, measure from the top of the window down to the window sill or the floor, depending on where you want your curtains or blinds to end. If you prefer a pool of fabric at the bottom for your curtains, add a few extra inches to the length.

2. Should I consider the window frame when measuring my window?

Yes, the window frame is a critical part of your measurement. When determining the width, measure from one side of the frame to the other, including the structure itself. For the height, if you measure for inside mount blinds, measure from the top edge of the frame down to the sill. 

For curtains or outside mount blinds, decide on the desired drop and measure from the top edge of the window frame (or higher if you prefer) down to that point.

3. What is the difference between measuring for inside mount and outside mount window treatments?

This distinction pertains to where the blinds or curtains will be installed. The window treatment will be set up within the window frame for inside mounts. This implies that you measure the width and height of the window’s opening.

On the other hand, outside mounts hang outside the window frame. Here, you measure the width across the window frame or molding and decide the desired length for the window treatment. This could extend to just below the sill or to the floor. Always remember to add a bit of extra length for outside mounts to ensure you achieve proper window coverage.

4. What tools do I need for window measuring?

Window measuring doesn’t require specialized tools. A metal tape measure for accuracy, a pencil for marking your measurements, and a step ladder for high windows should suffice. At Taylors Windows, we also advise having a notepad or a device to record the measurements so you don’t mix them up.

5. What are common mistakes to avoid when measuring windows?

Even a seemingly straightforward task like window measuring can have pitfalls. Forgetting to measure the window’s width at three different points can lead to inaccuracies. Even if your window appears perfectly square, minor variations can impact the fit of your window treatment.

Another common mistake is failing to include the window frame in the measurements. This could result in window treatments that are too small, leaving gaps on the sides that defeat their purpose.

Always remember the golden rule, “measure twice, cut once.” Double-check your measurements before placing your order or making any cuts to save time and money in the long run.

6. How do I adjust my measurements for oversized or irregular-shaped windows?

Oversized or irregular-shaped windows like bay, arched, or corner windows pose a unique challenge.

For oversized windows, follow the general rules of window measurement. Measure at three different points for width and height to account for any slight variances in window dimensions, and always use the smallest measurement to ensure the best fit.

Irregular-shaped windows may require professional assistance for perfect measurements. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to measure yourself, measure the width at the widest point and the height at the tallest point. Each section should be measured separately for bay windows as if they were individual windows.

7. Are there any special considerations for measuring windows for different types of blinds, like Venetian, vertical, or roller blinds?

Different types of blinds can require different measurements.

For inside-mounted Venetian and roller blinds, measure the exact window opening for a perfect fit. Measure the width at the top of the window, as this is where the headrail or roller will be fitted.

For vertical blinds, particularly those covering patio doors or floor-to-ceiling windows, measure the width across the top where the headrail will be installed and then measure the drop from the top of the headrail location to the floor. Subtract half an inch from the drop measurement to ensure the blinds don’t drag on the floor.

8. What if my windows are not perfectly square or level? How can I adjust my measurements to ensure a good fit for my window treatments?

Windows that are out of square present a challenge. For inside-mounted treatments, measure the width at three points and use the narrowest measurement. However, if the window is significantly out of square, consider an outside mount treatment, which can help hide the irregularities and give the appearance of a square window.

Remember, proper window measurement is not just a skill; it’s an art. So, grab that tape measure and start today – a world of beautiful, custom-fit window treatments awaits you!


At Taylors Windows, we understand the importance of perfect window treatments in your home decor. Since 1992, we’ve built over 750,000 replacement windows, earning a 4.7 Google rating and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating for our commitment to quality. For over 30 years have been manufacturing and installing vinyl windows from Asheville NC, Greenville SC, Columbia SC, down to Charleston SC. When it comes to windows, we know that the right set of blinds or curtains enhances your interior design and offers control over light and privacy. 

However, to enjoy these benefits, accurate window measurement is critical. Inaccurate measurements can result in ill-fitting window treatments that fail to serve their purpose effectively. This guide shares the most common FAQs and can help you with the art of accurate window measurement.

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