Taylors Windows® Enhances Customer Experience with Email

Taylors Windows®, a manufacturer and installer of custom windows based in Greenville, SC, has recently launched an email program to enhance the experience of their customers.

A unique and enjoyable customer experience has always been one of Taylors Windows®’ priorities. Each of their windows is manufactured only after being specified in person by a Taylors Windows® representative and after being ordered by a customer. Each is installed and serviced exclusively by Taylors Windows® staff. This new email program, as a result, builds on that commitment to create an even more tangible part of the experience.

Within the new email program, the customer is guided through the buying process from the time their first appointment is set until after their custom-made windows are installed. At each key point, a personalized email is sent to inform them of where their windows are in the process, or when their installation has been scheduled.

Each email also includes the name, image and contact information for the customer’s sales representative, in case they ever feel that a phone call is necessary. Customers are much better informed, but without the inconvenience of having their lives interrupted for an update.

For more information about the Taylors Windows®, their customer experience or their custom windows, doors and enclosures, visit www.taylorswindows.com. To speak with a representative in Greenville, call (864) 271-9759; in Columbia, call (843) 851-5800; and in Charleston, call (843) 750-3005.

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