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Windows FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for your Taylors Windows® Products

Answers to common questions about Taylors Windows® Products

Yes! We offer a factory direct, transferable warranty on all of our window products.

Although both window types have equal quality only the Double Hung window has two moving sashes that both tilt in for easy cleaning. True to its name, Single Hung Windows have one single sash that moves making it a bit of challenge when cleaning from the inside of the home.
There are various ways to measure your existing window opening. However, there are many variables that need to be considered when measuring your windows. That’s why Taylors Windows offer FREE Window Measurements by our talented and experienced Window Designers during your FREE on-site visit.
You may call 864-271-9759 in Greenville or 803-750-3005 for Columbia and set up an appointment today.
There can be several indicators it may be time for new window, when you notice drafts around your sashes, when you notice your sashes will no longer open, when you need to keep up with energy codes, when your HVAC bills get out of control or seem higher than they should be, when your windows are not safe for egress in case of an emergency.

Taylors Windows manufactures vinyl replacement and new construction windows.

We manufacture the following styles of windows:

  • Double Hung
  • Single Hung
  • Picture Windows
  • 2 and 3 lite sliders
  • Casement and awning
A single Hung Window has a fixed top pane of glass while the bottom half opens vertically. A Double Hung window both the top and bottom portions of the window open and can be tilted into the home for cleaning.
With their ease of cleaning and excellent source of ventilation, Double Hung Windows are the most common window placed in homes.
In short, yes. Homeowners often have concerns about installing windows during winter, or summer for that matter. However, in most installations we will pull one window out and place the new window in before moving out to the next opening.
Yes, our Diamond series window is designed for triple pane glass. For our climate we would recommend using double pane glass, however.
In most cases we install our windows from the exterior of the home. We look at each house as unique and therefore the installation is determined house by house. In some situations, it is better to install the window from inside the home.
It is recommended to use mild soap and warm water with a microfiber cloth. If using commercial cleaning products, do not allow it to stay sitting for long periods of time where the glass meets the vinyl. Never pressure wash your windows.
Vinyl windows are a cost-effective way to upgrade your home with energy efficient windows and cutting down our energy bills. Vinyl windows are also nearly maintenance free since they require no painting or staining. If you ever need a repair done on your window, vinyl windows are much more affordable to fix.
Condensation showing the surface of the glass is not caused by new energy efficient windows. This is often the result of high humidity within or without your home. The glass remains at a more constant temperature and when the humid air contacts the surface of the glass it shows up in the form of water droplets.
Yes, unlike metal spacers, these flexible spacers conduct less heat and cold allowing the total glass area to stay a constant temperature.
Although Taylors Windows, or any window manufacturer, can’t make a total soundproof operable window, steps can be taken to help minimize noise infiltration. Utilizing our composite spacer along with laminated glass we can build a window that reduces the vibrations (sound) in the glass making it a sound resistant window.

Yes, we have all our windows independently tested and are Energy Star approved and labeled.

Give us a call and we will send out a Taylors Windows consultant who will show you our window samples and help you select what fits your needs. You can also stop by our showroom and bring pictures for us to review with you and help get you started towards a more energy efficient home.
Yes, though we provide the service of taking away your old windows, we can leave them with you.
Since we manufacture our own windows we have several levels of windows that can accommodate most any budget.
Yes, we offer several color options depending on the series. Our primary colors are White and Beige. To learn more about the color options we have contact us today.
Yes, we manufacture for DIYers or contractors alike. Bring us your measurements and we will make the windows for you.
This will vary depending on the series of windows and glass you select for your project. On average you can expect to save in energy costs the value of half a window up to the cost of 1 entire window per year and this isn’t taking into consideration the rising costs for energy.