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Your Windows: An Insulation Against Inflation

The annual inflation rate is at its highest point since December 1981. In April, the U.S. Labor Department reported a rate of 8.5%. The numbers for May are not looking any better. Americans are looking for ways to make their dollars go farther.

Meanwhile, the stock market has been heading in the opposite direction. This is partly driven by the inflation news, earnings reports, and general uneasiness due to the headlines each morning. During times like these people are looking for investments that will help weather the volatility of the market while getting the best return on each dollar.

You may be sitting in the answer. As you glance out your window, you may be looking out of an opportunity to invest in future returns and short-term savings.

During times of inflation real estate prices often rise. Investors search for assets that form a hedge against rising inflation. Since this market force helps drive up the cost of a home, increasing its value can compound that yield to beat the rate of inflation.

New windows can help your home beat inflation

Upgrading your home with energy efficient vinyl replacement windows is a great way to cost-effectively improve the immediate value of your home.

Bring any appraiser to value your home and a first question they will ask is, “Have you made any improvements to your home such as a new roof, HVAC system, or windows?” As soon as the last window is shut on your new installation, that quickly you just increased the value of your home.

According to online real estate marketplace, Zillow, the value of a typical middle price tier single family house has increased over 90% in a 10 year period. As inflation continues to grow, the company forecasts that home prices will also continue to rise by nearly 14% in 2022. The more value you have in your home now, the greater the return over time.

Upgrading your home with energy efficient vinyl replacement windows is a great way to cost-effectively get more out of every dollar.

Inflation causes increasing prices on everyday items such as food and energy — important things you need to live each day. Finding ways to spend fewer dollars to acquire these necessities helps make each dollar go farther. Finding ways to make food last longer or spend less on energy can help offset the effects of inflation.

Taylors Windows® customers have reported after reviewing their heating and cooling bills that they notice significant savings—sometimes up to 35%. While the numbers may vary for you, you can expect replacement windows to make your home more energy efficient and impact your monthly utility bills.

Custom energy efficient vinyl replacement windows are a great insulation against rising inflation. They cut your energy costs immediately, provide you with tax benefits the year you install them, and provide you with a long-term return on the investment as your home value increases.

So as you look at the stock market and the restrictions of rising inflation, consider investing in real estate — property you already own and call home. Energy efficient vinyl replacement windows by Taylors Windows® are a solid investment during these volatile times.

About Taylors Windows®

Taylors Windows® replacement windows has been building vinyl replacement windows in our Greenville SC plant since 1992. We build replacement windows, install them and best of all we warranty your replacement windows without any middle men. Taylors Windows has been family owned for over 30 years and we have built over 750,000 custom vinyl replacement windows.

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