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Platinum Edition Windows


We developed our Series 8000 windows for today’s savvy, demanding, value-conscious homeowner, and we build each window in the series with quality, features, performance and affordability in mind. Taylors Window & Screen is demanding in our pursuit of excellence for this line of high-performance windows.

  • Our 100% Pure Virgin Vinyl frames have the highest R-Factor available, and our multi-chambered design is unmatched in strength and durability.
  • Our 12 Point Fusion Weld is the right choice for our sash and frame construction because it ensures an impenetrable barrier to air and water.
  • Enjoy cleaning your windows using the Tilt-in Latches for hassle-free maintenance from inside your home.
  • Taylors will not settle for less than the Duralite Composite Spacer because it is the lowest conductive glass spacer, as opposed to the more commonly used metal spacer.
  • We chose a 10 degree True Sloped Sill to guarantee proper water runoff and to keep debris and mildew from forming.
  • Feel safer knowing that our windows have one of the highest entry ratings because of our Security Locks with a push button release, combined with cam action that pulls the sashes tight together. This makes the meeting rail virtually airtight and secure.
  • Constant Force Balancers require minimal effort when you open and close your windows. They are made of stainless steel that is rust resistant.
  • We use 7/8" Double Strength Glass and an interlocking meeting rail to provide maximum strength and sound-proofing.
  • Ventilation Limit Stops allow you the opportunity to open your window and generate airflow while also keeping it semi-locked.

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