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Did you know:

Carbon Dioxide is the major contributor to Global Warming

The 11 hottest years on record have occurred since 1990

Residential windows account for 10-25% of home heating and cooling energy cost

Carbon Dioxide levels are expected to more than double by the end of the century

The rate of temperature increase is expected to triple by 2100



The Best Warm spacer - Duralite can improve total window U-values by up to 0.04 and save almost 1 ton of CO2 production and $235 in energy costs per year in an average home


If every home in America had Duralite Warm Edge Spacer we could save the environment over 70 million tons of CO2 pollution


Windows that last 20 years can save up to 20 tons of CO2 production in an average home

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Better insulating Dura Platform Spacers improve the temperature of glass

Warmer glass makes you feel more comfortable

Energy Savings

Dura Platform Spacers improve the total window U-value which reduces heat loss and saves money on energy bills

We at Taylors Windows® are dedicated to not only giving you the best windows for your home but we are also dedicated to making sure that the products we use are environmentally friendly.

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How We Create Energy Efficiency

We use a Duralite Spacer System with a glass spacer bar that, unlike commonly used metal spacers, allows only minimal energy transfer between pains of glass.

Our Ultimate 12 double-pane glass technology is engineered to reflect heat and cold.

Our glass is Energy Star rated.

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