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Windows – the eyes of your home

Windows are an important part of your home. Through them you see the world outside, but also they can make a big difference in how you live your home on the inside. It has been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Your windows are also the eyes of your home.

Your windows improve your life inside

Energy efficient windows not only create significant energy savings, but they also improve the comfort level of your home.

  • Soundproofing: The same window construction that brings energy efficiency also cuts down on ambient noise outside your home.
  • Healthy living: Natural light has numerous health benefits. Sleep schedules, vitamin D, and warding off depression are some of these benefits. Taylors Windows® keeps that light coming in. Our Duralite spacers last a lifetime, versus metal spacers that lose their seal after five years or so. We’re so confident our windows won’t fog that we offer you a lifetime warranty.
  • Security: You can feel safer indoors with replacement windows. Wooden windows are easy to break into, but windows from Taylors Windows® have locks that are screwed solidly into a composite inside the vinyl. This helps the locks withstand any attack from the outside.
  • No More Fading: Because replacement windows from Taylors Windows® block 85 percent of UV rays, they help to prevent the fading of carpet, furniture and hardwood floors that are exposed to sunlight. This protects the value of your possessions and your home.

Your windows improve your life outside

Energy efficient windows don’t have to be boring. They can quickly add to your home improved curb appeal… and help you keep it that way.

  • Character: Not only does Taylors Windows® have the knowledge to know what works best in your climate. They also have more insights into usage and design in your community. The ability to build custom windows for you allows the look of your windows to best match your home character.
  • Refresh: Speaking of character… maybe you want to change the character of your home. Windows provide an opportunity to upgrade the look of your home while also improving security, durability, and efficiency.
  • Low Maintenance: Replacement windows from Taylors Windows® are manufactured to be low maintenance. They never require painting or glazing.
  • Easy Cleaning: Installing double-hung replacement windows in your home makes cleaning a breeze. Double-hung windows are designed to be easy to clean, inside and out. Stay safe… stay off the ladder!

Bring the inside outside

Another option to consider from Taylors Windows® is a sunroom. A sunroom, Carolina Room and other enclosure functions as an additional room on your house that protects you from weather and insects during the times you would want to be outdoors. It offers incredible flexibility to enjoy many activities such as soaking in a spa, entertaining, exercising, working, relaxing, and so much more.

It is also another way to refresh and beautify the exterior of you home. In addition, this can be accomplished at a fraction of the cost and time of a standard room addition. Sunrooms may be installed on a variety of approved foundations (deck, concrete, and more) in just two or three days, compared to the weeks and months required for a standard addition.

Open your eyes to the possibilities made possible by vinyl replacement windows by Taylors Windows®.

About Taylors Windows®

Taylors Windows® replacement windows has been building vinyl replacement windows in our Greenville SC plant since 1992. We build replacement windows, install them and best of all we warranty your replacement windows without any middle men. Taylors Windows has been family owned for over 30 years and we have built over 750,000 custom vinyl replacement windows.

Taylors Windows® has multiple locations to serve you Greenville SC, Columbia, SC.

Book a FREE In-Home Quote today with one of our Window Replacement Designers who will show you our products and measure your windows for you.

Taylors Windows® Replacement windows hand made in the Carolinas since 1992.

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