Why Install Windows During the Summer

Window installations with energy savings and quick timelines

Conventional wisdom states that summer isn’t a great time to install windows, and most homeowners wait for fall or even spring to start their projects. But at Taylors Windows®, we’ve learned that installing in the summer can be a great decision. Here’s why:

Energy Savings

First of all, you might need new, better-insulated windows precisely because your home is tough to cool. New windows can immediately help you save on energy bills. Windows from Taylors Windows®, for instance, offer a 70-80 percent reduction in solar heat gain versus most existing windows and offer immediate energy savings.

Quicker Turnarounds

Window manufacturers and installers are able to update your home more quickly in the summertime. You can enjoy the benefits of new windows without having to wait in long spring or autumn lines.

Comfort During the Project

Taylors Windows® makes it easy to keep your house cool during the installation process. Installers work in one section of your home at a time, closing doors to keep any exterior heat from reaching the rest of the house.

Once the installation is done, you can enjoy the rest of your energy-efficient summer and relax during the fall, knowing your new windows are ready for every season of the year.

For more information about or summer window installation, contact us. We’ll set up a free in-home consultation and tell you more about the installation process.

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