Rough Sawn Cedar

RoughSawn Cedar exhibits an authentic rough cut shingle look without the costly, time-consuming maintenance of real cedar. RoughSawn Cedar siding panels deliver unsurpassed durability, perfomance and breathtaking curb appeal.

RoughSawn Cedar Classic is available in 14 designer colors, 3 of which are shaded* for a realistic naturally-weathered look. RoughSawn Cedar EZTM is offered in the 11 solid colors from this palette. Both options provide limitless design possiblities.
*(Shaded colors available in RoughSawn Cedar Classic only)

There are two types of RoughSawn Cedar siding panels:

RoughSawn Cedar Classic
15" H x 59-1/4" W

Nailite's extremely popular RoughSawn Cedar Classic siding gets noticed! It replicates the deep graining and distinctive etchings of natural cedar shake, and looks so authentic that anyone who sees it will automatically think its real cedar.

Nailite's dramatic-looking RoughSawn Cedar Classic panels feature rugged, distinctive etchings that rival real wood. RoughSawn Cedar Classic combines the outstanding performance and durability of Nailite with a look so real you'll be tempted to pick at the splinters.

RoughSawn CedarEZTM
15" H x 59-1/4" W

When your neighbors admire your extraordinary siding, tell them the choice was easy... Nailite's RoughSawn Cedar EZTM! All the authentic beauty of RoughSawn Cedar Classic and easier than ever to install!

A Beauty to Install

Nailite is proud to introduce RoughSawn Cedar EZTM, featuring our new easy-up locking system. RoughSawn Cedar EZTM exhibits the same beautifully authentic, rough-cut shingle look as our RoughSawn Cedar Classic. The revolutionary up-locking system now makes RoughSawn Cedar easier than ever to install. In fact, installation time is reduced by a staggering 25%! RoughSawn Cedar EZTM installs seamlessly and effortlessly by sliding from the bottom straight UP, locking into the proper position.

Exclusive Easy-Up Locking System allows installation in 25% less time than RoughSawn Cedar Classic!