Grand Junction Premier Vinyl Siding

Timeless Looks Joined by Advanced Technology



The look you want for your home has arrived. Grand Junction is where you'll find premium vinyl siding that brings a fresh, natural, new look to your home. To keep that look for years to come, Grand Junctionhas substantially more attachment strength than typical siding, thanks to our unique rolled over reverse nail hem and heavy-duty RaiLock® assembly. This keeps your siding straight and true long into the future and provides superior resistance to high winds. When it comes to weathering performance, Grand Junctionstays on track with a proprietary capping resin called ColorHold® that has excellent weathering and fade-free properties beyond that of standard vinyl products.

Profiles and Finishes

Profiles and Finishes

Double 4" HorizontalDouble 5" Dutchlap

Also available in 16'6'' lengths for a seamless appearance.