Cedar Reflections XL Vinyl Siding

cedar_colors.jpgIt's longer than standard siding, so there's fewer visible seams.

Cedar Reflections® XL goes a little beyond standard siding panels. It's 16'8" length is over one-third longer, which means fewer visible seams.

Cedar Reflections® XL is not only longer, it's heavier than most other vinyl siding panels. This gives it more rigidity, durability, and resistance to dents and scratches.

And, an innovative nailing hem and panel interlocking system helps it hang straight, flat and firm against the wall, even in high winds.

Cedar Reflections® XL. Designed to hang longer. Longer for less seams. It truly reflects the exterior finish you've always had in mind.

Profiles and Finishes

Profiles and Finishes

Double 4 1/2" HorizontalDouble 4 1/2" DutchlapDouble 5" Solid Vertical