Taylors Windows® Lowers Costs through Internal Processes

Years of recession have meant that many manufacturers do one of two things: go out of business or raise prices. Taylors Windows®, a South Carolina manufacturer of windows and provider of doors, siding and sunrooms, has done neither.

“When the recession hit, we knew we had to act—with our customers in mind,” says Mark Nichols, the President of Taylors Windows®. “We have a loyal base of satisfied customers, and we wanted to do everything we could to keep both our quality and our prices the most competitive in our service area. That’s why we decided to take a closer look at how we could streamline internally.”

An internal review suggested that tightening up several processes, particularly related to internal communication, logistics and record keeping. As a result, Taylors Windows® is even better prepared to serve customers well into the coming decades.

For more information about the Taylors Windows®, or to read testimonials from satisfied customers, visit www.taylorswindows.com. To speak with a representative in Greenville, call (864) 271-9759; in Columbia, call (843) 851-5800; and in Charleston, call (843) 750-3005.

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