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Reasons to Choose a Sunroom over a Standard Room Addition

How to add livable space to your home with a sunroom or enclosure

Each type of room in your home has its own specific purpose. So the first step in making the decision between a standard room and sunroom addition is determining how you want to use your space.

About Standard Room Additions

A standard room addition (studs, drywall, standard roof, windows, and integrated permanent heating/cooling systems) is designed to meet certain codes as a year-round, permanent living space, like a kitchen or a bedroom.

About Sunroom Additions

A sunroom, Carolina Room and other enclosure functions as an additional room on your house that protects you from weather and insects during the times you would want to be outdoors. It offers incredible flexibility to enjoy many activities such as soaking in a spa, entertaining, exercising, working, relaxing, and so much more.

Sunrooms and other enclosures have wall-to-wall windows that provide panoramic views and protection from summer heat, high winds, and cold winters. Screen systems control insects and allow refreshing breezes. Thermal engineering and design help regulate the interior environment of the sunroom to keep you comfortable for many days throughout the seasons, and in many seasons throughout the year.

Taylors sunrooms have wall systems with various options designed to provide maximum thermal protection against cold and heat. This will extend the times of the day and the days throughout the year that your sunroom can be used. You may also add sunroom-approved heating and cooling sources for year around use.

Sunroom Cost Savings

In addition, a sunroom can be installed at a fraction of the cost and time of a standard room addition. Sunrooms may be installed on a variety of approved foundations (deck, concrete, and more) in just two or three days, compared to the weeks and months required for a standard addition.

Taylors Windows is ready to help you start a sunroom addition today. Contact us to start stepping into your dream sunroom.