How Replacement Windows Benefit Charleston Homeowners

The climate in Charleston, SC and the rest of the Lowcountry presents unique challenges when it comes to keeping your home comfortable in all seasons.

Taylors Windows® builds replacement windows and doors that are specifically engineered to keep your Charleston home cool in the hot summer months and to avoid chills in the winter.

Summer and Winter

In the summer, energy-efficient replacement windows can keep out the broiling Charleston heat. Enjoy beautiful views in comfort through your windows or even from a custom-built sunroom from Taylors Windows®.

When it gets windy and cold, new windows keep out drafts and chill so you can enjoy your home in comfort no matter how bitter the winter weather.

Replacement windows provide this climate-controlled comfort along with energy efficiency. It’s the best of both worlds for homeowners.

Storm Season

Taylors Windows® can also help you prepare your Charleston home for hurricane season. Taylors Windows® offers laminated glass replacement windows, which have DP ratings of 50 instead of the standard rating of 30. Building codes require these windows within 2-5 miles of the coast to withstand hurricanes and tropical storms, and Taylors Windows® can provide homeowners across the Charleston SC area more peace of mind with laminated glass replacement windows meant to withstand even the strongest storms.

Laminated glass windows also provide additional benefits—they dampen sound and provide extra security against break-ins because they don’t shatter when smashed.

Contact Taylors Windows® for a free in-home consultation to find out what windows are the best fit for your Lowcountry home. Our professionals will help you find the right fit to make your home more energy efficient, safer, and more beautiful.

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