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How to Measure Window Screens

Measuring and repairing screens for double hung windows and horizontal sliders.
Measuring Existing Window Screens

The best way to measure for new window screens is by measuring the old screens. Take measurements to the outside edge of the aluminum frames. Measure near the corners as screens are sometimes bowed in near the middle of the frame.

Measure a few of the same size screens (if you have more than one) to see if there are slight differences. Use the most common measurements for your replacement screens.

Taylor Windows Graphic Resourcs image 1
Taylor Windows Graphic Resourcs image 2

If measureing a full screen, measure the crossbar position from the bottom of the screen frame to the center of the crossbar.

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Half Screens

Half Screens are typically found on windows like double hung windows (left) or horizontal sliders (right).

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Double Hung Half Screen

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Horizontal Slider Half Screen

Common hardware for Half Screens

  • Leaf Springs on top or side
  • Tension Springs on top or side
  • Bale Springs on top
  • Lift Tabs to help in removal of screen

Full Screens

Full Screens are typically found on double-hung windows, where top and bottom windows open

Taylor Windows Graphic Resourcs image 6

Many Full Screens have a Horizontal Crossbar for added strength.

Common hardware for Full Screens

  • Leaf Springs at the top
  • Tension Springs at the top
  • Wood Hardware (wire loops, ball head screws and jiffy hangers)
  • Lift Tabs on the bottom to help with removal of the screen

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