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302 Reviews

9 Benefits of Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl replacement windows are an investment for your home. As with any investment, you should expect to receive a return.

The good news is that purchasing replacement windows for your home provides a long list of benefits—especially when you purchase from Taylors Windows®. Here is a list of benefits (some of them unexpected) that our customers have said they enjoy in the many five-star reviews and testimonials they have left about our company and our vinyl replacement window products and installation.

Energy Savings

One of the big selling points when it comes to investing in vinyl replacement windows for your home is that they begin to pay for themselves through energy savings.

We get many comments from customers about this benefit. One family said, “We noticed right away a difference in the way our heat system cycled on and off”—a clear sign that the replacement windows made the home more energy efficient.

Others review their heating and cooling bills and notice significant savings—sometimes up to 35%. While the numbers may vary for you, you can expect replacement windows to make your home more energy efficient and impact your monthly utility bills.

Consistent Climate throughout the Home

The energy efficiency that replacement windows provide isn’t just about savings. It’s also about comfort. Customers often tell us that they enjoy the benefit of a consistent climate throughout their home after installing vinyl replacement windows.

By avoiding heat loss, your home will avoid hot spots in the summer and cold drafts in the winter. The result is greater comfort all year long.

Beautifying Your Home

Vinyl replacement windows improve the resale value of your home because they improve your home’s energy efficiency, but that’s not the only reason. New windows also make your home more attractive and improve its curb appeal.

One of our customers told us, “Our neighbors, who had their (windows) replaced within the past couple of years by a different company, have even commented on how good they look.”

Keeping Out Noise

Another unexpected benefit of vinyl replacement windows is how they keep exterior noise out of your home. Many homeowners don’t think about this beforehand, but they rave about it afterward.  One called the cancellation of noise “incredible.”

Another homeowner said, “One of the things the salesman told us was the difference in sound the new windows would make. I came home the day they were installing our windows and just the back end of the house had the new windows installed. When I was standing in my hallway, I could barely hear the street outside or the men who were installing our windows! It was and is amazing!”

This unexpected benefit of replacement windows is a unique one, but it adds to our customers’ enjoyment of being home day after day.

Keeping Out Dust

Because replacement windows provide a tight seal on your home, they keep out noise. But that’s not all. One customer raved to us about how her replacement window installation meant, “no more dust debris getting through!!” It’s yet another unexpected benefit that replacement windows can provide.

Easy to Operate

A lot of the benefits listed so far involve the things that replacement windows keep out. But in the four seasons we enjoy living in the Carolinas, there are some times when homeowners want to let the beautiful weather into their home by opening their windows. The ease of opening windows is another benefit that surprises some of our customers.

One customer left a review that said, “This is the first spring that I was able to open my windows to enjoy the fresh air in over 9 years.” It’s just one example of homeowners who enjoy their homes more because their new replacement windows are easy to open and shut.

Easy to Clean

Taylors Windows® manufactures windows that are designed and engineered to be easy to clean. We know this is an important factor that helps homeowners save time and keep their home looking beautiful.

One customer told us, “Our summer cleaning of all windows has gone smoothly, and we have remarked several times at how easy the job has been due to the design.” It’s another benefit that proves the value of vinyl replacement windows from Taylors Windows® season after season.

Easy to Secure

It’s vital for your home’s windows to be secure so that they protect your family and your valuables. Taylors Windows® customers find that our windows are “easy to lock with special safety features.” One homeowner was even surprised at how much more secure her new vinyl replacement windows were than the old windows had been.

Referral Check

The last unexpected benefit is one that is specific to Taylors Windows®. We offer our customers a referral program whenever they tell someone else about our vinyl replacement windows and that person makes a purchase.

One of our customers sent us a thank you note after receiving a referral check that said: “I have heard of companies offering it, but never felt the companies would actually follow through. I am impressed—thank you! When given the opportunity, I will mention your company not only on product and service, but on integrity and honesty.”


Some of the benefits we’ve listed here are common to vinyl replacement windows. Some are unique to Taylors Windows® products. All of them will make a difference to homeowners like you.

So if you’re considering an investment in vinyl replacement windows, consider these nine benefits as well. They will help you determine if the investment is worth it for you and your home.

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