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4 Ways Vinyl Replacement Windows Protect Your Home

Vinyl replacement windows offer a lot of benefits for your home. One of the biggest advantages is that replacement windows help you protect your home and its contents.

New windows help to keep you, your home, and your possessions safe in both big and small ways. Let’s look at four of the types of protection you can expect after you install replacement windows in your home.


New windows provide your home with additional security against break-ins. One big reason is that replacement windows from Taylors Windows® operate properly. They are easy to open and close, and all of the locks and hardware work as they should. Older windows sometimes become hard to lock or close completely, which leaves your home more vulnerable to break-ins.

Plus, replacement windows from Taylors Windows® have locks that are screwed solidly into a composite inside the vinyl. Obviously, this ensures that the locks stay in place so they can keep your window closed and secured.

If you need more protection against projectiles, Taylors Windows® also offers the option of laminate glass as an additional security measure. This laminate glass is stronger and provides protection against breakage.

Of course, replacement windows are not a security plan for your home in and of themselves. But they can be an integral part of a broader plan to make your home safe and secure.


Ambient sounds around your home can sometimes be calming, like a babbling brook or crickets at night in the summer. But not all sounds are soothing. We enjoy our time at home less when we are startled by car horns or sirens, loud music from neighbors or passing cars, or other unpleasant external sounds.

Soundproofing is another area where replacement windows can protect your home. Taylors Windows® customers often tell us that they’re surprised at how much quieter their home is after installing vinyl replacement windows. So if you’re looking at protecting your home from sound pollution, consider installing new windows as part of the solution.


Here in South Carolina, we know all too well about the power of hurricanes and tropical storms after a series of extremely active storm seasons over the past few years. We have all seen the devastation that storms with high wind and driving rain can cause to homes and other buildings.

Windows are a crucial part of protecting your home before strong tropical storms and hurricanes approach. Taylors Windows® offers hurricane-rated glass in replacement windows to homeowners near the South Carolina coast, and anywhere else in the state where high, sustained winds are an issue.


Most of us want our windows to allow the sunlight into our homes, but the UV rays from that sunlight can damage carpets, rugs, furniture, and even hardwood floors by causing them to fade. This is another unexpected area where replacement windows can help. Taylors Windows® offers vinyl window products that block 85 percent of UV rays, which makes a dramatic difference in the fading that your possessions will experience over time and protecting their value.

This means that new windows not only make the exterior of your home more beautiful; they can also help the aesthetics of your home’s interior.


Vinyl replacement windows offer many benefits to your home: add curb appeal, increase resale value, and improve energy efficiency, just to name a few.

As you weigh the value of all of these benefits, don’t forget to consider these four ways that replacement windows protect your home. They provide four more great reasons to start your replacement window project today with a free estimate from Taylors Window.

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